HIMYM spoiler megapost about the finale and Barney's Bride

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Diane: Please tell me there's hope for Robin and Barney on How I Met Your Mother!

While this probably won't ease your anxiety, we can at least tell you that you will learn the identity of Barney's bride at the end of the finale, so no cliffhanger there! "A big thing is revealed at the end. We get to meet Barney's wife," Cobie Smulders confirms to us. "That's a big reveal. I'm excited for fans to see that." Obviously, she wouldn't spill if Robin is the wife-in-question, but simply tells us, "That's my dream: I hope Robin finds love."

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Insider: Whether it's good or bad, I would steer clear of Twitter Mondays at 8:31 p.m. for fear of being inundated with HIMYM questions, concerns, etc...
: That's one of the things I love about our show though: it breeds lots of conversations. Whether they be positive or negative, that's why do we do it. I hope that people are enjoying the season.

Insider: Have you been?
: I've been so excited this season. The great thing about our writers and our creators is that they're on the pulse of what’s going on. Especially with the fertility issue Robin's dealt with because I know so many women dealing with it and I love being the place this is presented. Hopefully it starts some discussions and helps people connect to our show on a deeper level. I was really excited and grateful that I was able to get that storyline. They've always been kind with giving me these emotional arcs – it's cool to be on a sitcom where we do jokes about farting to also have great episodes with these great, emotional centers.

Insider: There are three episodes left, one of which involves the reveal of who Barney is marrying ... right?
: Yes. It's not another "tune in next year" moment. There's a cliffhanger, but with a big reveal in the finale too.

Insider: Do you think fans will be happy with the brides' identity?
: I think fans will really like it. Of course there will be division among fans because they want Barney to end up with a few different people, but I hope the majority of them are happy with who he ends up with -- I know I am.

Insider: Is there anything you haven't gotten to do with Robin yet that you're hoping for next season?
: I'm excited to see her in a relationship and finally settle down … into something [laughs]. Committing to somebody is a huge step for her. She tried with Kevin earlier this year and it didn't work out. But our creators have actually thought about everything and that relationship was very much needed in order to get Robin to where she's headed.

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Question: Any word on the identity of Barney’s bride on How I Met Your Mother? —Missi
: Cobie Smulders dropped two telltale clues on us at last weekend’s Avengers premiere. “She’s a beautiful bride… and it’s a female,” she revealed. “And I can’t tell you anything else.” Beautiful. And female. You can do this, Aus. Think.

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Can you give us any clues about the upcoming season finale of How I Met Your Mother?
I can't really reveal much, but I can say that it's going to be a big episode. And it's a big reveal.

Will it be a big shocker?
I don't know if it'll be a shocker. But our writers are so good at what they do. They've just figured out a great ending to tie it all together. I think people will be pretty happy.

I love your character's pop-star alter ego, Robin Sparkles. Will we get to see any more from her?
I hope so! We're going into our last season, and I feel like they're going to bring her back somehow. But I don't know how they're going to do it. I don't think they can just discover another video accidentally online. So I think they're going to have to come up with some really inventive way to find another video -- or maybe do a performance now.

The characters on the show are all so different. Which actor do you think is most like the character they play?
I would say Alyson (Hannigan) now because she is actually pregnant. So she's probably literally the closest to how her character is.

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