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Jonas Brothers talk about new reality show

Millions of Jonas Brothers fans around the world would simply die for the opportunity to experience life as a JoBro wife. And now E! is giving them that chance.

But, you know, without the actual marriage license.

Instead, viewers will peek into the life of Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle Jonas, with E!'s new reality series Married to Jonas. And we got all the exclusive details when our own Kristin Dos Santos talked to Kevin and Dani, as well as Nick and Joe Jonas yesterday at E!'s big Upfront presentation in New York. And since we're greedy, we had to ask: How many JoBros will we get? Plus, is Nick really dating Smash costar Megan Hilty?

Though Married to Jonas primarily focuses on Kevin and Dani's married life, it wouldn't be a true Jonas Brothers party without all three, right?

"Kevin and Dani have the most incredible crazy life you can imagine. You're going to see a lot of Kevin and Dani," Joe tells us. "For us, because we're making a record obviously as brothers and they're family, we'll be popping up here and there. You'll get to probably see a little bit more of our personal lives. I think more so you'll get to see how we're more a family."

Kevin and Dani seemed like they were ready for the reality TV world, and not at all afraid of the dreaded "reality curse" that fell upon Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson after their show's success. "I think we talk about things more with our feelings and everything," Dani says. "I think it's going to be good."

They even went so far as to call it "therapy" for their relationship. "It feels a little crazy," Kevin admits to us. "It's a lot to digest but we're really excited."

And they certainly have a lot going on as a family in the industry, which made us press Nick on when we'd see him on NBC's Smash next, reprising his role as Lyle West. "I'll be in the season finale," he tells us. "I'm back working with Anjelica Huston. I think in the next season you might see me as well, so keep your eyes peeled." And what of his rumored romance with his Smash costar Hilty? Don't hold your breath for a reality series based on that relationship…because it doesn't exist!

"We are just friends," Nick promises us. "And I'm enjoying being a single man here in New York, because my work is my priority these days."

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