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Promo For Grimm Ep 1x20 "Happily Ever Aftermath" + Possible Early Season 2 Premiere Date

Our favorite fairy tale mash-up, NBC's "Grimm", has just three episodes remaining in its freshman season, and to get you ready for the upcoming "Happily Ever Aftermath", the network brought out the big guns (i.e., fan fave Silas Weir Mitchell) to introduce a clip from the ep.

Episode 1.20 - "Happily Ever Aftermath" Synopsis (Airing 5/4/12):
Nick and Hank investigate the death of a wealthy matriarch and its possible link to her stepdaughter's financial problems. Elsewhere, Juliette delves into the deaths of Nick's parents in a bid to help him find closure.


Some interesting news has hit the Net with regard to NBC's plans for the second season of "Grimm", and if it pans out, fans of the series could be seeing its return a few weeks ahead of the typical fall schedule.

According to Deadline, "Grimm" is being eyed for an early launch in August, following NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in London. The network, which is seeking a ratings turnaround, has apparently been contemplating an early rollout for a number of series to take advantage of the monster promotional platform the Olympics provide. Since achieving an August launch date will require production to start early, the "Grimm" writers are already working on Season 2.

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