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Top 10 R&B Songs From the '90s

Oh, the 90’s. Even if you weren’t old enough to go the club or go on a date during this decade, you definitely had your eyes tuned to MTV Jams and Video Soul. In fact, these songs were so big then, you can still hear them on the radio and in the clubs today. Here are our Top 10 R&B diddies from the decade of Cross Colors jackets, color-blocked shirts, and furry Kangols.

10. End of the Road (1992)
Boyz II Men was definitely the leader of the pack of male R&B groups in the 90’s. This song was the group’s - and Motown’s – most successful single.

9. Mr. Loverman (1992)
Shabba Ranks’ most popular single brought reggae to a mainstream audience. Want proof? The single made it to #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop and #40 on the Hot 100 charts. Ranks opened the doors for other reggae artists to follow in his footsteps like Shaggy and Sean Paul.

8. Bump n’ Grind (1994)
Once R. Kelly broke away from Public Announcement, he ventured into his more raunchy persona and released his debut solo album “12 Play”. This “romantic” ballad possibly definitely caused a baby boom in urban neighborhoods nationwide in the mid 90’s and topped the Billboard charts as #1.

(Does anyone notice the young girls in this video?)

7. Tell Me (1995)
The single made it to #5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Groove Theory may have not had a hit after this, but the duo are still successful in the music industry. Bryce Wilson went on to produce for Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston and others. Vocalist Amel Larrieux is working on her fifth album as a neosoul artist.

6. Are You That Somebody (1998)
In the 90’s, every girl wanted to be Aaliyah. Whether it was wearing bangs swooped over her eye or wearing Tommy Hilfiger boxers with a sports bra to match, the teenage R&B sensation with the soft voice and beaming smile showed you can be sexy without selling sex.

5. Right Here/Human Nature (1993)
The remixed version of their single, “Right Here” sampling Michael Jackson’s 1983 hit, spent 54 weeks on the Billboard 100 chart, one of the longest chart runs ever. Did you know that it was a young Pharrell Williams on the track repeating, “S double U to the V…”

4. Forever My Lady (1991)
Most fondly remembered the episode of Martin when Sheneneh played the popular slow jam for Christopher “Kid” Reid. Jodeci proved in the 90’s it was cool to be rugged bad boys and still have a romantic streak.

3. Real Love (1992)
The sassy girl from Yonkers dominated R&B scene during the 90’s and is still dropping hit albums nearly 20 years after releasing this single from her debut album. She is the only Grammy award recipient in the Pop, Rap, Gospel and R&B categories.

2. Waterfalls (1995)
Arguably the TLC’s signature song. The trio was not afraid to use their music to provoke debate on societal issues including, HIV, drugs, and beauty image. The motivating lyrics from the verse, “Dreams are hopeless aspirations, in hopes of coming true, believe in yourself, the rest is up to me and you” were engraved into member Left Eye’s casket when she passed away in April of 2002.

1. Poison (1990)
Bell Biv DeVoe’s single release in January of 1990 is possibly the best song of the 90’s. Charting on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and R&B Singles at #3 and #1 respectively, the song earned highest honors on this list not only because of its success during that time period, but its success today. What DJ doesn’t have this song in rotation to get a party crowd hyped right from the opening beat? Nuff said.

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What r&b songs had you dancing and twerking in the '90s ONTD?
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