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Manny Santos (Cassie Steele), latest Degrassi alumna to call the CW home!

Cassie Steele, who portrayed Manny Santos for 9 years on Degrassi: The Next Generation, is the latest and one of the growing number of actresses to have graduated from the show to find them-self on The CW network.

Cassie plays Abby Vargas on the new drama, The L.A Complex, as an aspiring actress who moves to L.A in hopes of becoming a big movie star.

The show also co-stars Jewel Staite (Firefly, Serenity, Stargate Atlantis and Flash Forward) and a number of other up-and-coming actors (tbh, I have never heard of the other series regulars)

Some of you may recall that the first episode premiered on the CW last week to less than stellar ratings; the lowest-rated TV drama debut ever, actually. However, I blame that on the CW making it available online a week before the actual TV premiere, lack of promotions and because no one watches The CW except for The Vampire Diaries.

Yes, the show's premise is pretty similar to Melrose Place, however, it's a lot more light hearted and fun and less soapy than that flop Melrose Place reboot. Also, Ashlee Simpson is not on it. :)

The second episode airs tomorrow at 9pm/8pm Central Time and introduces Kaldrick King, a troubled rapper with a short fuse, who's played by Andra Fuller. It's a pretty good episode. Let's just say your jaw will be left hanging at the end of the episode...

I bet you guys will really enjoy the show if you give it a chance. The show gets progressively better with each episode.

Cassie thanks you for your time!

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