His Beard Is Blackmailing Him

[BlindGossip] Celebrities often date and marry beards because it is professionally beneficial for them to be seen as straight. Even in this day and age, it’s more usual for performers to stay in the closet and beard up then it is for them to proudly proclaim their same-sex preference.

But there is a big risk in bringing a beard aboard: you are depending on them to keep your secret forever. If you beard with another celebrity, both of your reputations and livelihoods are at stake. But if you marry a non-celebrity, there is little for them to lose if they decide to blackmail you.

Such is the case of this male celebrity. Pushed by his family (especially his father), he married his non-celebrity beard. Beard Wife knew exactly what she was marrying into. And now she is demanding more to keep his secrets. And she wants a lot.

She wants a television show. It isn’t enough for her to marry a celebrity; she wants to be a celebrity! So does her musician brother. So does her sister. So does her sister’s husband.

The celebrity said “No. I’m not doing that.” The wife said “Oh, yes you will! Because if you don’t, I will tell everyone that you are gay, and your career will be over.

So it’s a done deal. The wife and her sister will be the talent, the sister’s husband will be a producer, and the wife’s brother will hope that his appearances will lead to a big record deal.

The entire project is being sold on the strength of the celebrity’s name, yet out of all the players, he is the one who wants it least. But he’ll go along with what Daddy and Beard Wife and her family wants. Because he still does not have the courage and strength to run his own life. We hope that someday he will. And then, instead of pretending to be happy, he can actually be happy. But for now, he is miserable closeted gay guy with a declining career, a controlling Daddy, and a blackmailing Beard Wife.