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Kris Allen fights the power, accidentally performs illegal acts

On Sunday, Kris Allen invited fans to join him at Santa Monica Pier and shocked the tens of people who showed with a free busking ~concert that lasted about an hour before harbor security shut him down for lack of permit. Kris attempted to introduce himself to the security guard, but was abruptly interrupted and turned away in a "rude" fashion. This incensed his fans and resulted in the worldwide trending topic of #FreeKrisAllen on Twitter, which landed him in the entertainment blog media spotlight over the past couple of days, including a brief interview with E! Online in which he insists that he was just trying to play some tunes for fans and never meant to break the law.


Set List
Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover)
Out Alive
Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio cover)
Better With You
What Goes Around... Comes Around (Justin Timberlake cover)
(Shut That Door) Keep That Devil Out
A Song For You (Donny Hathaway cover)
You Got A Way
Live Like We're Dying
We Found Love / Firework / Just Dance / Rolling In The Deep (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adele medley)
Back At One (Brian McKnight Cover)
The Vision Of Love
Should I


I leave you with the best moment of the entire show in which Kris is approached by his doom...

Tags: kris allen, music / musician, music / musician (pop)

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