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Drag Race Winner: RuPaul's Lost Her Damn Mind!


After giving fans a serious case of blue balls by withholding the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race until last night's reunion episode, fans were gagging on their excitement as the final three -- Sharon Needles, Phi Phi O'Hara and Chad Michaels -- gathered in NYC for last night's live reveal as the clock struck 10 p.m. And when all was said and done, RuPaul chose Sharon Needles as The Next Drag Superstar!

I caught up with Miss. Needles (one of the most inventive, exciting and original queens to ever compete) after her crowning to find out what it means to win, what she'll do with the money and how Jared Leto factors in to her master plan! Congratulations! What does it mean to you to have won RuPaul's Drag Race?
Sharon Needles: It means RuPaul has lost her G-d damn mind! [laughs]

Insider: You were just swarmed by a smattering of fans -- one being only 9 years old. How has being on this show changed you?
Sharon: It's changed is my sense of responsibility. I never wanted to be a role model but I'm now in a position where these kids are seeing things in me that I don't see in me. I do a meet and greet at the end of every show and there is a line around the block. It's wild. People think Drag Race is just for gay men and drag queens, but anyone who watches is immediately addicted – I mean, my dad is hooked to the show!

Insider: Was he a fan before?
Sharon: He never watched it. He was even a little hesitant to, thinking it would be embarrassing. But then he watched it and really embraced and loved it. What other reality show has this much heart, humor and entertainment packed into 42 minutes?

Insider: Did you ever expect this kind of reaction?
Sharon: No. Not at all. I thought I was going to be hammy, funny, kind of punk and then go home second or third.

Insider: Was there a moment when you thought, "I could win this?"
Sharon: I still haven't said it. I never think about the finality of it all. It's been such a whirlwind that I can't even think about it ending.

Insider: You never thought you would win? Not even when you declared yourself "The Future of Drag?"
Sharon: Well, when I said I was the future of drag, what I meant is that I was the queen who was the mascot for underground punk drag. I don't like poise and perfection. I don't care about backflips or fishy faces. I like drag queens who make a mess or a big scene. I'm constantly trying to make you laugh, or boo or feel offended. That's my kind of drag. When I said that, what I meant is that I am the mascot for outsider transgressional artists. But that just doesn't sound as good as, "I'm the Future of Drag!" [laughs]

Insider: What are you going to do with the money?
Sharon: I have a really inventive brain, so I think if I had a little chunk of money, I could turn it into more money. Like, I don't buy music on iTunes, I buy everything on vinyl and own a lot of vintage clothing, so I'm thinking about taking the money and putting it all into Friendster because kids will want a vintage social media site one day. I'm going to make so much money on that.

Insider: So this contest will be the opening act of your Social Network-esque movie?
Sharon: Yes, but with much better costumes.

Insider: And who would play Sharon Needles?
Sharon: Jared Leto. So I could stare at him all day on set.

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