SPOILERS regarding Star Trek XII

Spoiler 1: Leonard Nimoy returns as Spock Prime
The first spoiler was actually let out of the bag by the actor himself when talking to CNN last week (see video), and now AICN is reporting that Nimoy returning for the sequel. TrekMovie sources have confirmed that Nimoy indeed is back as Spock Prime and he has already completed his work for the film. Spock Prime was last seen at the end of the 2009 movie sending off the new crew of the USS Enterprise, leaving him to help the Vulcans who survived Nero’s destruction of their home planet.
This spoiler comes as somewhat of a surprise, as Nimoy himself had previously indicated that he was happy to let the new cast take the reigns of the franchise forward. But apparently JJ Abrams and crew were able to convince the actor and Star Trek legend to come out of retirement one last time to play Spock. On a historic note, this would be Nimoy’s eighth appearance in a Star Trek feature film, which will be a record (he and Shatner are now tied with seven movies each).

Spoiler 2: Cumberbatch is playing Khan
TrekMovie was first in reporting that Benedict Cumberbatch had joined the Star Treksequel cast, to play a villain (originally a role offered to Benecio del Toro). A few outlets have also reported (including today’s AICN) that this villain was Trek’s most famous bad guy – the exiled Eugenics War leader Khan Noonien Singh (originally played by Ricardo Montalban). TrekMovie has also confirmed this with a number of sources so we no longer consider it to be a rumor. Khan is back in 2013, however sources indicate that the film is not a rehash of “Space Seed,” the original Star Trek episode where Kirk and crew first encounter the genetic superman from the past.
While big news, this is actually not a huge surprise. Trek’s new filmmakers have often cited the Christopher Nolan’s Batman series as their model, with the second film The Dark Knight successfully brining back the Joker and Khan is the closest to Trek gets to Batman’s Joker. And again the team kind of already let the cat out of the bag on this one when they recorded the DVD commentary back in 2009 and said they had considered a post-credits sceene showing the Botany Bay, Khan’s sleeper ship. Then of course there is Abrams widely reported casting process which began with Benecio del Toro and went through a number other prominent Latino (like Montalban) actors before he ended up picking Cumberbatch, after what has been said to be a very powerful audition.

Spoiler 3: Klingons featured in Star Trek sequel
This third spoiler is not something from the new AICN report, but multiple TrekMovie sources have confirmed that the Klingons will be featured in the Star Trek sequel. Of course Klingons were were originally going to be part of the 2009 movie as well – in a subplot where they had captured Nero and his crew after the destruction of the USS Kelvin, however those scenes were cut from the final release (but did appear on the DVD/Blu-ray). TrekMovie sources indicate that this time the Klingons are not a sub-plot that could be easily cut out of the film, so we will finally see the JJ-verse version of Klingons on the big screen.
This spoiler seems to be a no brainer. The Klingons are likely Star Trek’s best known adversary aliens, and they appeared in most of the movies featuring the original cast. The intent was to put them in the last one and fans have been asking for Klingons to make the cut for the sequel.
Sequel production enters final stretch
TrekMovie has also confirmed that the Star Trek sequel has wrapped up shooting on stages and on location in southern califormia. The film remains on schedule with a couple more weeks of shooting on on location in northern California.


What do you think ONTD? Cumberbatch as Khan y/n?