Fuss Over View At The BTW Ball

After the fever-pitched build-up and the fuss about a handful of religious protesters… came the squinting.

Lady Gaga kicked off her “Born This Way Ball” tour at Seoul on Friday night, but for most of those in attendance it was hard to tell for sure if it was actually the high priestess of pop on stage. And not because of her crazy costumes.

It certainly sounded like her — the sound system was excellent and she was in fine voice, barring a flub or two. But unless you were in the mosh pit, sorry Monster Pit, directly in front of the stage, opera glasses would’ve been a wise investment. (Not on sale at the show).

The problem was primarily the choice of venue. Seoul’s Olympic Stadium is, as the name suggests, an arena built for sporting events. It seats up to 100,000 people and looks mighty impressive as you head towards it.

But once inside, the 50,000-or-so concert-goers found that most seats were beyond the half-way point of the sports field, with the stage at the other end of the stadium.

Even the most expensive seats, costing around $120, were set well back from the stage, in part because of the wide curvature of the stands. For those in the cheapest seats at the far end of the stadium, the view was no more than a tiny blur.

As with other concerts of this scale, the set included video screens at the sides of the stage, but they were far too small to show clearly what was happening.

Photographic evidence confirms that Lady Gaga rode around on the stage on a mechanical horse and a Harley Davidson-style motorbike. And we can say for sure that she took a humorous swipe at the regulator’s decision to impose a ban on under-18’s attending the concert.

“I was told your government decided my show was only for those 18 and over. So, I’ll make sure it will be 18 and over,” she joked midway during the performance.

Perhaps the regulator needn’t have worried. Youngsters probably wouldn’t have been able to see any suggestive or lewd acts on stage, just like the rest of the audience.

Well, if you purchased tickets to a STADIUM show & you didn't purchase close seats, what did you expect?
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