✰ Lindsay at the White House correspondents dinner ✰

We speak now of Saturday’s annual White House Correspondents Association black-tie hot-shot hoo-hah dinner in Washington, DC. We speak now that Place Settings One and Two were not Him and Her Obama on the dais. Nor Robert Pattinson’s nor emcee Jimmy Kimmel’s.
Triple-A four-star seating was John Coale’s. His was last year’s biggest table because he brought Sarah Palin. His was this year’s biggest table because he brought Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan, who, trust me, upped sitting next to Anna Paquin or the riveting Bobby Jindal.
So what’s a John Coale? Retired lawyer who made heavy money on those tobacco cases and was with his longtime wife, Fox-TV’s Greta Van Susteren, and writer/restaurateur friend Elaine Lafferty, who blew her Old Mill Inn opening in the Hamptons to attend.

Kardashian and mummy Kris Jenner did red wine. Lindsay, whose plus-one was her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, drank water. KK and LL, friends, stuck to each other. Did the red carpet together. Kardashian, cool, serious, business-like. Lindsay, fragile; almost claustrophobic, anxiety with the crowd.

Lindsay disappeared a few times into the john for a cigarette. In the ladies room an elderly Hispanic named Bianca was cleaning the stalls. Tearing up, the front-paged actress said: “You’re too old to be doing this.”
She reached into her purse, crumpled a $100 bill in her hand and gave it to the attendant, who, backing away, said, “No, no, no.” Lindsay Lohan pushed the money at her with: “You’re too old to be doing this kind of work.” Bianca finally took it.
After the evening Kardashian and Lohan returned to their hotels. Neither hit any of those many multi-after-parties that, even now, are probably still going on.

lindsay's ICONIC pose with Shawn.

Footage from the White House Correspondents Garden Brunch