Rumors surround Chris Brown's dramatic weight loss

Troubled singer Chris Brown has lost a frightening amount of weight in recent weeks. So much so that his concerned fans are emailing me wondering if I know what ails him.
I reached out to Brown’s handlers today to inquire about his unexplained weight loss. A confidential informant confided that Brown is not on drugs — he is simply “pining away” for his ex, Rihanna.
They also say Brown is despondent over his stalled career and his loveless relationship with girlfriend Karrueche Tran. “He’s only with her for his public image,” said a source about Karrueche. “He’s not in love with [Karrueche], he’s in love with Rihanna,” the source added.

I’m told that Brown and Rihanna stay in touch with each other via phone calls and text. They also subliminally tweet each other on But both of the stars’ handlers have informed them that being seen together in public would kill their careers.

what do you think, ontd? there was that scandal involving his current girlfriend smoking what people were saying was crack on the toilet (classy!) but tbh it looked like weed to me.

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