Benedict Cumberbatch: I've been fighting doing Dracula

“There’s a script in the pipeline” says the Sherlock star - but he may not get involved in another big franchise for a while

He’s played the world’s greatest detective, and currently has parts in two of the biggest movie franchises in Hollywood - Star Trek and Lord of the Rings prequel The Hobbit – but Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch says he’s trying to avoid a proposed role in Dracula.

“There's a script in the pipeline,” revealed Cumberbatch, “I've been fighting it rather than being in it...

“There's a lot of Gothic in Sherlock. I don't like to repeat myself too much. I think there are too many vampire franchises," he told Kate O'Hare.

Cumberbatch said he was keen to steer clear of big movie series for a while: "I have become involved in another one [as well as Sherlock and Star Trek] - The Hobbit, playing the Dragon and the Necromancer, so that should keep me in fine wine... so I suppose I'm part of three franchises. I plan on not getting involved in another one."

“Like a lot of things in my life... it'd be nice if the culture had a bit of time to breathe and not see another revival of the same thing again and again and again," he added.

So what would Cumberbatch like to do next? “I want to do something with an American accent, so you won't recognise me."


Not sure if want tbqh but I'm always up for more Cumberbatch on the screen.