'30 Rock' Live Show: The Top 6 Differences between East & West Coast feeds!

Anything can happen on live TV — including Sir Paul McCartney being replaced by a buxom reality show star with a big behind. And as it did in 2010, 30 Rock embraced that ethos last night, airing slightly different episodes for east- and west-coast audiences. (Both versions are now available on Hulu.) So, what did you miss if you only saw the episode that aired in your time zone? Here are the major ways the West Coast Feed differed from the East Coast Feed.

1. Kim Kardashian stepped in for Paul McCartney
In the ECF, Kenneth shepherded the Beatle into Jack’s office to use his secret executive bathroom. In the WCF, Kim Kardashian got that honor instead. Both also showed up at the end of their respective episodes; McCartney revealed that he’d lost his memory, while Kardashian tweeted a photo and then revealed she had broken Jack’s toilet.

2. Danny (Cheyenne Jackson) stole Jenna’s theme song
Hey, Cheyenne Jackson’s still on 30 Rock, sorta! In the WCF, he got a few moments in the spotlight by singing the show’s theme song; Jane Krakowski got that honor in the ECF.

3. Dr. Harold Spaceman is gay instead of a Nazi
Leo Spaceman’s ancestor has a different secret in each feed. In the ECF, he’s a “Nazi doctor.” (And so is Leo, when he pops up later in the episode.) In the WCF, Dr. Harold says that he’s “known in the industry as ‘the gay doctor,’ because I always have a smile on my face! Because I have so many gay lovers.”

4. Baldwin impersonated Paul Lynde instead of Nixon during a Laugh-In spoof
Which do you think he did more convincingly?

5. Brian Williams, not Jon Hamm, played David Brinkley
The Mad Men star, who was already on hand for the episode’s Amos ‘n’ Andy send-up, also played a sexist newsman opposite Baldwin during the ECF. For the WCF, actual newsman Brian Williams took over.

6. Jack and Pete didn’t make out
West Coasters didn’t get to see Alec Baldwin and Scott Adsit lock lips at the end of the episode. Thank heavens for the Internet!

There were other small differences sprinkled throughout, such as the varying reasons why Lovebirds actress Loretta Fields’s marriage was a sham. Which do you think had better jokes?