People magazine's natural beauties

 magazine's Most Beautiful issue features Beyoncé on the cover, but inside, there are pages and pages of more Beautiful People, including a 10-page spread of female celebrities photographed wearing "not a drop of makeup." Ben Watts shot intimate, natural portraits of Rose Byrne, Julie Bowen, Paris Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, Lily Collins, Jessica Paré, Sandra Lee and Paula Patton. And they all look beautiful, sure. But of course they're not on the cover. The cover sticks to formula: Makeup, hair, lighting, Photoshop.

A couple of years ago French Elle ran some covers of stars SANS FARDS, and I had mixed feelings then, as I do now. Unlike Star magazine, where the celebs are mocked for daring to appear in public without spackle, the People editors gush, "bare is breathtaking," and declare that the women are showing off "natural beauty." And they are. They are.

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