Nick Gruber Arrested: Calvin Klein's Boyfriend Caught With Cocaine

We wonder if Nick Gruber has his boyfriend on speed dial for situations like this.

TMZ reports that Gruber, the 22-year-old on-again, off-again boyfriend of designer Calvin Klein, has been arrested for cocaine possession. The model, who has been linked to the 69-year-old designer since 2010, was caught when police came to his New York home early this morning.

The cops arrived after receiving a call that Gruber assaulted a man; but when they did a strip search, TMZ says, they also found that Gruber had coke on him. Now the young model is in police custody and waiting to make his phone call to Calvin (that second part we're just speculating).

While Gruber would certainly not be the first fashion type to get caught with cocaine (we can think of, oh, dozens more), anything involving Gruber and his much-older boyfriend tends to the headlines. The May-December couple (who may or may not have split this past January) made headlines in 2010 when Gruber was only 20 years old (and when his rumored gay porn pics were uncovered). Since then, the pair has celebrated Nick's 21st birthday together, walked red carpets and even had a few major PDA moments.


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