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celeb gossip is just too much fun. stereogum.com keeps me nice and up to date with all the hot gossip. you know how we do.

  • this one's for you, justin: cameron diaz made a nude s&m video before she was famous. you can view the x-rated trailer here or here. the whole video costs fourty bones. what a rip! there is a review here, though. man, celeb porn videos are hilarious!

  • seriously britney, wtf?: she's refusing to sign a pre-nup for her upcoming wedding to kevin federline. homegirl's estimated $100 million bank account is going to end up in kevy's baggy pants. let's see how well this one goes!

  • is hil a metal-head by penetration?: hillary duff is dating joel (or is it benji?) from good charlotte. she's also been spotted wearing a motorhead t-shirt. do you think hil and her rocker boy-toy are pulling a britney and justin and doing a little of the pre-marital hibity-dibity? hmm...their lips are sealed!

  • does kristen hate tobey more than i do?: erin (yesternight) didn't know, and she's always ontop of celeb news! tabloids have claimed that kristen dunst was refusing to do another spiderman with tobey maguire, and that's why jakey gylenhaal was being approached for the role. i guess i'm not the only one who can't stand tobey!

and that's it for now!

-johnny depp buys an island: what do you think about that?
-paris hilton and nick carter: am i the only one who just doesn't get it?
-keira knightly: am i the only one who thinks she's weird looking?
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