Canadian News Channel airs 3 minutes of hardcore gay porn after newscast.

CHCH Television viewers got more than an eyeful this morning.

At the end of the Morning Live news broadcast, hard core gay sex scenes took over screens for about 3 minutes before the channel went dark.

CHCH which is owned by Channel Zero also operates several adult movie services.

Viewers took to twitter right away tweeting out things like "Anyone watching CHCH see what I just seen? #fail" & "Someone hacked CHCH news to play gay porn... And every TV in the gym and starbucks was set to it..."

The Hamilton-based channel also took to twitter to issue the following apology:

"CHCH apologizes to some of our cable viewers for inappropriate content that aired around 9:30 this morning. We would like to assure all of our viewers that the content did not originate at this station, but was the result a switching error at one of the cable companies that picks up our signal. While the error was beyond the control of CHCH, we do extend our sincere apologies to our viewers."''


Right in the middle of Morning Live, the signal abruptly cut to HardTV’s broadcast of the Lucas Entertainment adult video After Hours. The hardcore movie, in which “ten international sluts cruise each other on the streets of Berlin,” played for several minutes until the station regained control of its broadcast.

According to Lucas Entertainment’s website, After Hours shows how “when the day is done the men in suits waste no time stripping down and fucking hard!




ps Happy 420!!