Five Articles (ONTD included) Implying Blake Shelton Caused Adam Levine's Break-Up

Have you guys heard the news? Adam Levine, Maroon 5 frontman and Voice supercoach, is currently in the midst of a long road trip to Splitsville with supermodel girlfriend Anne V(yalitsyna), the two officially announcing their breakup this afternoon. “Adam and I have decided to separate in an amicable and supportive manner,” Ms. V diplomatically offered via statement to People Magazine. “We still love and respect each other as friends. I wish him all the best.” Levine has not yet offered comment, and the reasons behind (and perpetrator of) the breakup remain unknown.
Of course, that has not kept The Internet from speculating, and the consensus opinion has examined the evidence named a likely culprit in the power couple’s dissolution: Voice host and noted homewrecker Blake Shelton. The country star’s bromance—and yes, it’s so like that that we have to actually use That Word to describe it—with NBC co-star Adam Levine has been well-documented, to say the least, so now that Levine’s personal life has gone awry, all eyes are pointed in his direction. To wit, here’s five articles on the situation that implicitly or explicitly finger Blake for the breakup:

MTV. “We hope Levine isn’t suffering from too much heartbreak. Though if he is, he can always turn to fellow “Voice” judge Blake Shelton for a shoulder to cry on. Shelton has joked about their friendship in the past, going as far as to admit wanting to kiss Levine. “

Examiner. “Of course, this [breakup] now leaves Levine available for his bromance with Blake Shelton, immortalized on the cover of and in the current issue of People. Coincidence? You decide.”

Oh No They Didn’t!. “‘Adam and I have decided to separate in an amicable and supportive manner. We still love and respect each other as friends. I wish him all the best,’ Vyalitsyna said in a statement. Hmmm….I think a certain somebody came between them.“

DListed. “Even though Anne V is the epitome of grace and demureness (Exhibit: EVERYTHING), she can not compete with the true holder of Adam Levine’s heart: Oh yes, that’s Blake Shelton saying ‘He doesn’t pull out with me, hunty!’ with his eyes and pucker. So try not to fall over in shock when Blake eventually announces he’s quitting his wife Miranda Lambert. Although, Blake should divorce Miranda for the sole fact that she has huge chunky lowlights in her hair and the year is not 2001.”

WetPaint. “This comes right after Adam and Blake Shelton’s People Magazine cover issue (April 2, 2012) in which the singers joke about how Anne V and Blake’s wife Miranda Lambert are ‘hot for each other.’ No news yet on Adam’s reaction or who broke up with whom.”
The last one is particularly interesting, as it implies not only that Blake might have broken up Adam and Anne V, but that Miranda might want in on Anne V in the ensuing romantic free-for-all. Would this be the craziest romantic partner swap since those two Yankees traded families back in the day? Yes. Yes it would. Fingers crossed!


Ok, mods, I know this is kind of old and really silly, but I thought it was funny and a few people asked me to post this (and hey, we're mentioned!) 

So let's use this post to discuss the best TV (b)romance, share our favorite Adam/Blake moments, speculate on how long until Adam and Blake make it official, guesstimate how many songs on 'Overexposed' are songs about Adam and thank Xtina for having two half-naked dudes grind on Blake during her performance.