What You Didn't See On The Voice (4/17)

Some of the most interesting things on reality shows happen when the cameras aren't running.

Here's the best of what you didn't see on "The Voice" on Tuesday (April 17).
The writer only had 4 things. I'll add some more since I was also in the studio audience!

I also bolded for the TL;DR crowd. 

OMG Part 1 - When The Wanted took the stage, it was pandemonium. Max, Siva, Jay, Tom and Nathan set the place on fire when they played "Chasing The Sun." OK, maybe it wasn't on fire, but it was awfully hot as they had to turn off the A/C in order for all the pyrotechnics and other special effects to work.
There were a lot of Wanted fans in the house, including myself. I actually sat near the house band where the pyro blew up. We had to endure that twice since The Wanted's performance was pre-taped 30 mins before the show. We were completely cooled down by the AC beforehand, but when the pyro blew up it completely put us off guard and we were suddenly drenched in sweat. Hilarrrious.

The Wanted also gave kisses and hugs to fans in the pit before they did the second take of the performance, which was the one that aired. They never really went to my side, but at one point, one of the guys (Tom) turned his head toward my seating section and smiled at me while I cheered them on. I completely died.

But oh yeah, that was an awesome performance, both times!
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OMG Part 2 - If The Wanted wasn't enough to make a teenage girl's heart flutter, it got even better when Justin Bieber came to promote his new album and play a clip from the video for "Boyfriend." When he left the stage The Coiffed One even gave a female fan a kiss on the cheek. When asked later what she thought of the moment, she says "I'm making Selena [Gomez] jealous."
MY POOR EARS! Right before Lindsey from Team Christina left the stage, a skinny boy thing stood backstage on my left. People in the pit in front of me looked over and I couldn't recognize him at first. Then I realized it was Bieber. But as soon as he walked out, the studio went craaaaaaaaazzzyyy. Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green had to cover their ears. Priceless!

OMG Part 3 - After Bieber announced that his new album is coming out June 19 and that he's also coming back to perform at "The Voice" finale, he quickly left. Was there something wrong? Hardly. He had to scurry off to meet up with his girlfriend Selena Gomez at the Lakers game. It is here that the two ended up on the famed "Kiss Cam" and obliged. Looks like Gomez got her man after all.
I actually did not see the look Christina made after Justin greeted her before he left. It may have looked like a snub from a simple video clip, but when I rewatched the whole episode, it was clear she was honestly sad that in a few moments she had to let go of one of the members of her team. The coaches really genuinely care for their team.

When she got up on stage to hug the person she let go, Ashley, she kind of pulled down the skirt of her dress as if it didn't really fit her. But she's not fat at all; she's just curvy.

Also with Blake, he was totally indecisive. I felt for him; Raelynn was obviously his favorite, but Erin was definitely the better performer.

OMG Part 4 - After running the uncensored version Cee Lo's famed song "F*** You" during audience warm up last week, producers must have decided to make things more family friendly. So they swapped it out with the decidedly G-rated "Forget You."
They played upbeat songs prior to show time, which was really cool. It kept us up on our feet especially after waiting for so long just to get in the studio.

OMG Part 5 (keeping the OMG list alive) - When the coaches were introduced at the very beginning, Adam came in first, followed by Blake. Adam was playful so he jumped on Blake's back. That was the only time they interacted with each other, sadly. :( Cee Lo came next with his sparkly red jacket and lastly, Christina. When Christina came in, Blake took her hand and helped her to her chair. What a gentleman.

OMG Part 6 - During the first commercial break, while the other coaches get touched up due to the heat over their section, Adam got up to greet some fans in the pit near him. A fan pulled out a paper and I saw him ask her if she had a pen, but she didn't. So Adam, the cool guy that he is, went to one of the pages to get a pen and started signing autographs for the fans in the pit.

OMG Part 7 - Blake and Cee Lo never really left their chairs. Cee Lo was constantly checking on his phone, and at some point during the last commercial break, all coaches were checking their phones. I saw Christina had hers right next to her on her chair.

OMG Part 8 - Carson never interacts with the crowd. I was especially sad about this because he was one of the reasons why I went to this show (TRL legend, hello). He's the complete opposite of what he used to be during the TRL days. Every commercial break he’d walk off backstage or something and then some seconds before coming back live, he’d go over what to say on the teleprompter. I feel like he needs to loosen up some more.

The Wanted thanks you for your time. 

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