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Vera Wang's dad's mistress wants to HURT poor Vera

The woman who had a 30-year affair with Vera Wang's dad now wants part of his estate, including his homes, which include one of Vera Wang's apartments in NYC.

The massive estate of Vera Wang's late father is the point of contention in a Westchester court as his mistress tries to get the millions she feels she deserves. Pharmaceutical tycoon C.C. Wang died in 2006 at the age of 87 and though his wife only died two years prior, he spent much of his final three decades with his mistress Betty Phillips.

Now, even though he had Ms Phillips sign a very clear- and rather harsh- 'break up' note promising that she would not seek any of his fortune after his death, she is demanding she get a lump sum of $10million as well as an additional $150,000 every year.

The contention began in 2004 when Mr Wang's wife Florence died. Since Ms Phillips knew Mr Wang would never leave his wife, she started to get more persistent about getting married to her long time lover, who she had been seeing since they met in Singapore in 1980.

When Mr Wang had his second stroke in 2004, Ms Phillips flew from Singapore to his Southampton estate. Rather than greeting a recovering and thankful lover, she was met with a harsh letter: 'I have told my children and by this letter I am making it absolutely clear to you as I did in the past, that I have no intention of marrying you and that under no circumstance whatsoever will we ever be married to each other,' the letter said, according to The New York Daily News.

As if there was any need for additional clarification, the letter had specific instructions for her not to get involved with his health decisions, and to keep away from him and his two children, Vera and Kenneth and their respective families.

She is now seeking a significant amount of money from Mr Wang's estimated $120million fortune. In addition to his financial investments, he also had five homes. His daughter Vera, the famed wedding dress designer, bought her father's luxury apartment in the ritzy building for $23.1million following his death.

The judge presiding over the case, however, finds that the letter she signed- and witness testimony from her driver that she was of sound mind when she did- is convincing enough that Mr Wang made his intentions clear regarding her financial future.

'She has not proven by clear and convincing evidence that he was obligated to provide a fund for her support,' judge Anthony Scarpino said.


Do you think she's entitled to some money???? & wow her dad sounds like an awful person
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