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Anne Hathaway on the Les Miserables set

Anne Hathaway has been snapped on the set of her new movie, Les Miserables, in London, showing off the dramatic new look she's taken on for the role.

The actress, 29, has shaved her head and lost just over a stone to play the role of dying prostitute Fantine in the iconic musical.

Anne unveiled her new haircut during a night out in London last week, and was pictured filming scenes with co-star Hugh Jackman in Greenwich, south London this morning.

The brunette looked frail beneath her smock, having been ordered to lose a whole load of weight by the director over the last month.

Anne starting filming the tragic flick earlier this month as a size ten, but was told to shed 16lb in 20 days to make her character's death bed scenes more realistic.

Rather than eating the recommended dietary allowance of around 2,000 calories a day, Anne is consuming fewer than 500, so that by the end of filming, she will be an emaciated size six.

A film set source told our mate Clemmie at the Mirror: "Anne is playing a destitute factory worker-come-lady of the night.

"Unfortunately, she only has 15 to 20 days to lose as much weight as possible – up to a stone-and-a-half – because she’s been filming the scenes showing her fit and healthy, almost slightly chubby.

"It’s not ideal but, as with any high-budget movie, there are strict time constraints.

"Producers have assigned her a personal trainer and she is literally eating nothing more than a couple of apples a day, and some protein – mainly in the form of a shake.

"Anne knows the risk of such an extreme diet and will undergo weekly medicals to make sure everything is still functioning as it should do."

The movie is based on the hit West End musical and also stars hunks Eddie Redmayne (FIT), Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. The cast began filming early this month.

It’s due to hit cinemas in December, so Anne’ll have time to get her beautiful curves back for the premiere.

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