Michael Jackson's Brothers Want His Hologram To Go On Tour With Them

After Tupac Shakur was successfully brought to life via hologram image at Coachella, Michael Jackson might be the next dead performer who would get such treatment. The plan to create the late King of Pop's virtual image was brought to attention by his sibling Jackie Jackson.

Jackie revealed that the virtual MJ could join the reunited Jackson 5 when they tour later this year. "It could have Michael -- absolutely," he told E! Online. "Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

The Jackson 5 plan to hit the road for a "Unity Tour 2012," which covers around 27 cities in the United States, with the tour opener set on June 18 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jermaine Jackson previously told the Australian Associated Press in 2008 that the "original Jackson 5" (including Michael) were going to reunite for a new album and a stadium tour, sometime in 2009/2010.

However, the King of Pop was quick to shut down such claims. "My [siblings] have my full love and support," Michael Jackson said in a statement. "We've certainly shared many great experiences, but at this time I have no plans to record or tour with them."

Thus, the Jackson 5's upcoming "Unity Tour" will mark the first time the brothers -- minus their lead singer -- embark on a roadshow together in 28 years.

And while details are still being finalized, Jackie Jackson recently confirmed that he and his brothers are going to sing "some of Michael's stuff" during the concerts.

"We're going to honor him on the stage," Jackie said. "He'd want us to do our thing to the best of our ability."

Hologram or no hologram, not everyone is so keen on the idea of a reunion tour -- especially without the principal member! In a scathing opinion piece from OC Weekly, writer Daniel Kohn blasted the Jacksons for what he called a "half-assed money grab."

"None of these guys has produced anything relevant without their famous brother," he said. "Rehashing their greatest hits without their greatest asset (Michael) is surely going to be a letdown."

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LOL, well, a hologram is a big step-up from using that MJ wax figure in one of their music videos. . . . (And no, I am not kidding.)


Blast From the Past: Cirque du Soleil on the Possibility of an MJ Hologram . . . in 2010

[...] Fans of Coachella's Tupac hologram may get another chance to experience the trick when the permanent Cirque du Soleil-created Michael Jackson show in Las Vegas opens next year.

While a spokesperson for the Jackson estate would not confirm that the MJ show would use similar technology, when MTV News spoke to Cirque President and CEO Daniel Lamarre in 2010 he said that, "The new technology that we want to bring to [the permanent] Vegas [show] will be more theatrical," promising that fans "will see Vegas become the home of Michael Jackson and people will come from all over the world to experience the uniqueness of the technology that we want to bring there."

At the time, Lamarre hinted at the use of "3-D technologies and hologram technologies to allow people to see Michael Jackson onstage."


Sounds tacky (just like Vegas, lol). . . . Not sure if want.