What Do You Think of Kelly Osbourne’s Purple Hair?

Wonder what Sharon thinks now! Though Kelly Osbourne’s mum “hated” her grayish-lavender hair, the beloved Brit may take a shine to her daughter’s new purple hair. Kelly debuted the new hue while out in West Hollywood Tuesday, covering up her roots with a sleek black fedora.

Osbourne Tweeted the dying process Tuesday, giving props to hairdresser Judd Minter along the way. And when a fan commented that the starlet is at risk of having her hair fall out from the frequent coloring, she joked, “i wish some of it would! i have so much hair it takes over an hour just to apply the dye!”

Osbourne, formerly a blonde, went gray in January to give her hair some time off, she explained. “I can’t keep bleaching my hair and I want to grow it,” she told PEOPLE. “So I take breaks in between.”

She added a little lavender to her tresses two weeks later, and told PEOPLE, “I think that I have an addiction to dying my hair, because I always like it to be different. I don’t like being compared to other people.” Guess we shouldn’t tell her about Katy Perry’s new color, then.

Tell us: Do you like Osbourne’s latest look?