The Five Blockbusters in Danger of Tanking

LAST year the casualties included a superhero powered by a lantern, Martians in desperate need of a mother and an ill-advised team-up between James Bond and Indiana Jones.

2011 was touted as the year of the movie sequel - 24 were released - but it will be remembered as the year audience attendance fell to record lows and the number of box office turkeys rose dramatically.

This year movie execs will be on edge as Hollywood's blockbuster season gets into gear. There has already been one career-ending disaster (Disney's John Carter) and one record-breaking hit (The Hunger Games).

And although the line-up for this year includes several films that have the potential to break the billion-dollar mark - The Avengers, Ice Age 4 and The Dark Knight Rises - there are more than a few blockbusters that could end up tanking at the box office.

Here are five on the critical listCollapse )


So ONTD, will you be seeing any of these potentially flop films? I'm not joining my friends today to see Battleship, not paying for and sitting through that shitfest.