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THE VOICE DRINKING (You know we'll need it tonight)

The Voice Drinking game brought to you by the eliminated contestants: Shields Brothers!

Watching your favorite contestants on The Voice get eliminated each week can be painful. We suggest you ease the pain with some booze —Blake Shelton style (as long as you're 21 or older, of course.)

To help with this process, former Team Cee Lo contestants The Shields Brothers have created a drinking game for Voice fans. 

The rock duo lost in the battle round against former model Erin Martina rookie mistake on Cee Lo’s part if you ask us, but they won’t soon be forgotten. Their humor and crazy antics have continued even off camera. 

Tristan Shields got the idea for a drinking game while watching the show after being eliminated. 

“I was just drinking a bottle of wine during the last battle round and thought it would be funny to ask the fans for a Voice drinking game,” he told Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively. “Our fans just love it now. It’s a way for them to enjoy the show together.”

Each week, the brothers take new rule suggestions and then post the 10 best rules on their Twitter and Facebook pages the hour before the show starts. 

This week, we have an exclusive list of tonight’s rules! Notice that one was submitted by Purrfect the Cat and Team Adam contestant Tony Lucca!

The Voice Drinking Game Rules, April 17:

1) Erry time @justinbieber is mentioned CHUG MILK! M/ #Beliebers (submitted by @purrrrfectthecat)

2) Anytime @adamlevine & @blakeshelton complement one another or talk about how much they love each other … DRINK (submitted by @ParaJess)

3) Every time someone says "You are so good" DRINK (submitted by @JackieGandara)

4) Anytime there is a Kia or Starbucks commercial DRINK, if it is used during the show, DRINK TWICE (submitted by @The_Gui09)

5) Every time they say this sucks … DRINK (submitted by @DocSpinks)

6) Every time a coach says "this is the hardest part of this SHOW!!" DRINK! (submitted by @luccadoes Voice contestant Tony Lucca)

7) Drink every time they say America! It's good to be patriotic. (submitted by @newy0rkbabygirl)

8) Anytime a bare chested man appears, DRINK! (submitted by @codyadamson428)

9) Anytime @adamlevine has to stop what he's saying to tell a fan "I love you too" … DRINK (submitted by @Jujinaee)

10) Anytime someone steals a catch phrase or a jacket from the @ShieldsBrothers ... FINISH YOUR DRINK! Looking at @raelynnofficial

The Shields Brothers are currently preparing to record their first full-length album with producer Pete Evick who works with Bret Michaels, Paramore, and Miley Cyrus. Sounds like they’re in good company! 

Remember, unless you’re solely following Purrfect the Cat’s rule, you have to be 21 and up to partake in tonight’s drinking game! Will you participate?

The Voice Eliminations are tonight at 9 pm! After last nights elimination let's all get drunk!
ETA: Can we talk about how classy Jordis is about her elimination.

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