Dance Break: Snippets from Adam Lambert's Trespassing Released

Thanks to iTunes Australia, 90 second snippets for the 12 tracks on the standard edition of Adam Lambert's upcoming release Trespassing have hit the internet. From the catchy hooks to the pounding beats to the mouthwatering vocals there is something for everyone in this mix and they will leave you craving more. So get up out your seat and get your freak on as you listen to Adam throw down the dance-pop gauntlet by clicking the links below.

ETA: YouTube of the 8 new snippets

ETA2: SoundCloud Link


I know ONTD has issues with SoundCloud so I'm trying out the player. If this is a total fail, I'll upload them all to YouTube because you gotta hear this shit, dudes.

ETA: So, the Box player only works for me I guess. OkayGuy.gif

BRB dance breaking for the thousandth time today...