Karlie Kloss and Sam Bradford together?

If this photograph has any sort of merit, then I would say the answer is yes.

Well here's a match made in all-American Heaven: the belle of St. Louis, Karlie Kloss, and hunky St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford.

The pair were photographed at Coachella this weekend, with Kloss sweetly posing with a gleeful-looking Bradford (we'd be smiling like that too if Karlie had her arms around us).

Are the pair "more than friends"? Karlie's typically active on Twitter, but the model's fallen silent as of late, so no one is sure. But fingers crossed, because the 19-year-old model and 24-year-old football star are fairly adorable together (and certainly the cutest couple to hit St. Louis since, um...)



I think the guy in the background is much hotter, but get that check, girl!