Real Housewife of Vancouver Attempts to Shade Her Betters, Fails Miserably

Christina's lifestyle makes her look older than she really is. She really is 30. She's very busy. She thinks that sex is fast food. She's got the golden arches above her bed! She's serving men!

Following each episode, a cast member of The Real Housewives of Vancouver will blog about their experience on the show for For the third episode, Jody Claman discusses why she prefers natural remedies instead of plastic surgery, what she really thinks of Christina and how her lifestyle differs from that of the other housewives.

Ronnie was sensitive in this episode about her drinking. That's because she's just come out of rehab. I feel as though Mary should have been a better friend to her. She wasn't being that supportive because she just kept giving her more booze. It's a volatile friendship. It's one that I don't under-stand. Some people do have those types of friendships - I can't judge it. I don't have friends like that. I do have some friends that think I have issues with chocolate and I appreciate it when they'll tell me, "Don't eat that chocolate - it's not a good idea." Friends do have to babysit each other at times.

"My life is a really busy, active life. I'm an incredible mom. I cook dinner, we travel a ton and belong to all sorts of private clubs. My kids go to private schools. We just have a very different lifestyle than that of Mary, Reiko and Christina. Those are all lifestyles that I can't even relate to - but I can't judge it, right?

"When I'm not mucking around as a mother and wife, I'm full time in my shops. I put in probably a 15-hour day of working. I get up and I have to drive one of my daughters to private school across town and that takes me an hour each way - but it's an education choice. My eldest daughter Mia and I are very very close. She has a big personality like me and we both over-talk each other, which gets us very frustrated. It's a normal tumultuous mother/daughter relationship.

"Regarding Christina saying things against Mia, I really don't know where that came from. Nobody else's children were discussed on the show and I don't know why Mia was targeted by Christina. I don't like it when other people judge my children.

"I would never socialize with people like this outside of the show. I just wouldn't. I'm not being cruel - I'm really busy and by the time my day at work ends, I want to spend the rest of my time with my family or my very few good friends.

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