Nicki Minaj deletes her twitter!

Nicki Minaj’s album must not be selling as well as she’d like apparently because Nicki Minaj is reaching deep for a press opp.  Earlier she apparently blocked fan site NickiDaily from twitter apparently for posting up the album snippets for Romans Reloaded. Like so many of us did. Not that those snippets originated anywhere illegally mind you, to my knowledge they originated from Itunes.  Anyway in the ultimate display of histrionic manipulation Nicki tweeted she would be deleting her twitter causing the expected flurry of  ”Noooo Please Don’t Goooo You’re Soo Great I can’t live with youuuuu” tweets from her millions of fans. What a ego boost.  Not only that, but manipulating your fans to go into attack mode on another fan is pretty pathetic.  But the ultimate LOL is that she actually deleted her twitter.

Don’t worry Barbz, she’ll be back – she’s got 30 days to reinstate, but holy crap at the new low one would stoop to throw one of your biggest fans under the bus for a headline.  I might not care for much of Nicki’s latest music, but I always respected her as a human being.  Sad.

source // it's not a gossip site, but it seems fine