Mitchfest announces lineup

There is no way to really be prepared for the experience of being in such a large gathering of womyn in a totally womyn-created environment ). It is exhilarating, exciting, liberating and overwhelming at times. For many of us it is a relaxing, organic environment where we feel most whole and most truly ourselves
Sample workshops for everywomon:
Breast Casting for Womyn of Color ~ Cassandra Buchanan
The Good Butch ~ Lauri 'Gunner' Wollner
Healing Ways: The Elements ~ Kim Smith and Emmagene Borden
When I Doubt Myself and Other Womyn: Confronting Internalized Misogyny/Internalized Male Supremacy ~ jona olsson
Woman Shaman: Dreamers, Healers, Prophets ~ Max Dashu
Womyn of Color Tent: Future Directions ~ Reseda Jackson and Cassandra Buchanan
and many more...