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Erin Martin Slams 'The Voice' After Elimination: 'I'm Over It'

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- Erin Martin proved to be a polarizing figure on NBC’s “The Voice,” and following her elimination on Tuesday’s show, the aspiring singer fueled the fire with less-than-kind words for the reality competition and her coach.

“Oh my God, I’m so glad to be over this competition. Yes, I’m over it,” Erin told’s Laura Saltman after Tuesday’s “The Voice” in Los Angeles, when asked if it was difficult to hear she’d been booted from the hit show. “[For] the blind audition I gave a fabulous performance, and for my last song I gave a fabulous performance, and for both of those songs I chose my song and the chips — not the chips, but like, the control was in my hands of the song and like, you know, how I sang it.

“When I gave that creative control over, it kind of just didn’t really go so well,” she added.

The former model also blamed her “Voice” coach, Cee Lo Green (and his song choices), for her early exit.

“I think it was a good lesson for Cee Lo in this particular instance that, you know, when you come across a voice like mine, you have to really nurture it and he wasn’t the right person to do that,” she said. “No offense to him, it just, he wasn’t… I’m the right person to nurture my voice.”

While Erin believes her song choice (Elton John’s beloved ballad, “Your Song”) was an excellent pick for her last chance performance, Cee Lo disagreed.

“Those were some big shoes to fill on that particular song and, you know, it wasn’t the best performance,” he told Laura of Erin’s final performance. “But it doesn’t make her a terrible artist or a terrible singer.”

“The Voice” returns Monday at 8/7c on NBC.


If you're the only person who can nurture your voice, why go on a show that's all about being coached by someone else? Take your overdone warble and have a seat, girl.
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