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For the first time in Brazil, Kit Harington and Richard Madden talk about HBO's epic fantasy series.


Declared fans of the world created by author George R. R. Martin Madden and Harington say they identify a lot with their characters: "Some scenes are really difficult and affect you emotionally" says Harington. "I'm a lot like Robb, I feel close to him.", said Madden. The Scottish actor states that he would have made the same decisions as his character, the heir to the Starks, in his place. "I'd do exactly the same."

Harington was close-mouthed about one of the biggest mysteries on the series: the identity of Jon Snow's mother. Anyone who reads the book or watches the show has their theory about the subject. "I have my considerations, but I don't plan on revealing them." dodged the English actor. "It's something that is in the mind of the author and I don't want to influence what people think about it." If they could choose a family to be born in Westeros, the fictional continent where the story takes place, both actors have no doubts. They'd be on House Stark. "The Lannisters are selfish and the Targaryens are a bunch of freaks." joked Harington.

"I'm not gonna lie, I'd love to be in King's Landing, where it's hot and sunny." pondered Madden, that is on the Northern part of the cast, where it snows. "But I want to be in Winterfell, with the Starks. They're honest and authentic, take care of each other, and have a sense of family above anything else."

While they wait to start shooting the third season (in July), both actors are involve in parallel projects. Madden is involved in two productions "Maybe one movie will be released by the end of the year". Harington is shooting the movie The Seventh Son with Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore "They're two of my favorite actors." The fantasy movie tells the story of a warrior learning how to exorcise ghosts and fight witchcraft in the XVIII century.




The two heartthrobs of "Game of Thrones" Richard Madden and Kit Harington, who play brothers Robb Stark and Jon snow, respectively, complimented the beauty of Brazilian women this afternoon (13). The british who arrived on Thursday night to promote the second season of the tv show, were already met by fans.

To UOL Kit Harington told what a girl must do to have a chance with him: "The queen of my 'real' life must be funny. Definitely the Brazilian have a chance with me. I'm loving Brazil.". Richard, though, showed himself to be more timid, yet observant: "You can't ask me these questions. You embarrass me, like this. But yeah, they are beautiful" he guaranteed, with flushed cheeks.

The pair has gone to a few bars, already and walked around the shore. "We got here last night so we couldn't see much, but everything is beautiful." complimented Kit. Richard looked excited about the carioca night "Yesterday I've hit some bars and I plan on going again tonight so fans might see me. I took a short walk and since I'm jet lagged, I watched the sun rise. The sun rising in the beach is beautiful." said Madden.


(uh, sorry about the ~õmh brazil~ bit, just focus on Richard's adorableness by blushing and watching the sun rise tbh)

Kit Harigont gets on his dressing room the script to his character's next scene. "Your face will be completely burned, your nose will disappear and your upper lip wil be deformed." It was enough for the actor miss sleep, thinking about the destruction of his beauty, that gains more and more highlight on the big TV production Game of Thrones.

"I immediatlly called my mother, told I'd have to wear prosthetics, that I'd look horrible. I spent all morning thinking about this. When I went to shooting everyone was laughing at me. It was a prank"
tells Kit who is in Rio with castmate Richard Madden, known as Robb Stark, the new King in the North.


"I've never been in a TV show like this, with such a super production. The setting is solid, the walls are stone, the fruits are real. Even my tent has a medieval smell." tells Richard. "There's also a lot of sex. But it's not gratuitous, it's not there to show tits and asses. It has to do with the story."

Sex scenes won't be happening for Kit Harington anytime soon, though. His character is part of the Night's Watch, that has a celibacy vow. "I don't want to ruin the story for those who doesn't know anything, but there'll be a woman who'll leave him divided." says Kit, who has seem the female insistence grow overnight. "These days I can't even go to a pub by myself, or it gets crazy." says Kit who, to the fans relief, won't get deformed on the show and should stay on the show for several seasons.


(lol @ Kit calling his mom and all - Now you can't say Alfie was the only one who got pranked)


Who asks for a quick explanation of what Game of Thrones is about will likely hear the oversimplified explanation: "It's like Lord of The Rings, but for adults." In Rio de Janeiro, with castmate Richard Madden, Kit Harington says he avoids the comparison but agrees with the main distinction between the two series.

"I always avoid putting the two side by side, but the main thing is you can let your children watch The Lord of The Rings, but don't let them watch Game of Thrones until they reach a certain age." said, this Friday (13), the actor responsible for giving life to Jon Snow, Ned Stark's bastard son.

In a medieval world easily compared to the one in Frodo's saga in the Game of Thrones universe there are also several kings, fights for power, sword and ax fights. But this story loses the fable tone, and gets great doses of sex, (more) violence, and mature dialogues. According to the author it's "fantasy story for people who hate fantasy.".

"It's really easy, in The Lord of The Rings, to say who's good and who's evil. In Game of Thrones it's not" complements Madden who plays Ned's "legitimate" heir, Robb Stark.

Another differential to the series is the political element around the 'thrones', with betrayals, alliances and power games. "I think the politics is where the series is more related to modern life. People will do terrible things for power. If we can highlight these questions on our show, it's a good thing." says Harington a Manchester United supporter and Messi fan. "He's the best player in history."

Recognized in the streets and called King because of the title inherited by his character after his father's death, Madden showed himself enchanted with the country. "Come to Brazil and getting recognized in the streets because of my character is the best compliment I could get." he says, before giving it back "Rio is the most beautiful place I've ever been to. About the women, I'd rather not even go there. They're beautiful.".

The third season was already confirmed "I'm already anxious" says Madden.


(Ugh, I wish that every actor who comes here wasn't asked about how beautiful Rio and brazilian women are... smdh. On the other hand, Richard remains adorable and Kit obviously knows nothing about Pelé).


(...) to the actors, both on their first big part, the success of the show has a special taste.

"The story is great and I feel in love from the start. When we started shooting we thought people would either love it or hate it, but everywhere we go we only hear good things. I didn't expect it to be such a big success. I never imagined I'd be in Brazil today, talking to you."

Based on a successful book series, with a legion of fans, even before the TV show started, to Harington the pressure of portraying fan favourite Jon Snow is diminished by the good reception he gets wherever he goes.

"I think people are satisfied. I try playing Jon in the closest way possible to what he is in the books. I don't go looking around for what people say about me, but my friends send me videos with jokes about the story and I think it's really great because, if it's happening, it's because people are really involved with the show."

The actors are in town since Thursday and plan on using their free day to get to know it better.

"We went to some bars last night and I plan on doing some tours tomorrow before we travel. Rio is the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life. The city's geography looks a lot like Scotland's, where I was born, but there the sky is grey for most of the year. You have this amazing weather. I hope to come back here with more time". says Madden.


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