New Fast Food Offerings: Bacon Sundaes & Hot Dog-Stuffed Pizza Crust

First there was the hot dog-stuffed crust pizza served up by Pizza Hut - an eye-popping 270 calories a slice.

Now Burger King have come up with an eye-watering rival product of their own that combines sweet and savoury: the Bacon Sundae.

The new product by the fast food giant boasts vanilla ice cream, slathered in fudge sauce and topped with chunks of cooked rashers of salty bacon.

It is currently being tested in Burger King, Nashville, Tennesse, but its popularity will be measured in a selection of their stores across the city to gauge appetite for the product.

The $2.49 dessert is one of a series of new releases by the chain, including sweet potato fries, Caesar salads and strawberry and banana smoothies.