One more Game of Thrones post: Kit Harington interview with Notimex

Jon "I'm not a Stark" Snow gives a new interview for the mexican press :


The television series ’Game of Thrones’ owes its success to the fact  that people can escape reality and live in a fantasy world, said the British actor Kit Harington, who plays ”Jon Snow” in the broadcast.

In an interview with Notimex, Harington said: “I think the series was very successful around the world because people can escape their reality and live in a fantasy world, especially with the recession being experienced today. What the public wants are not ‘reality shows’ but things from other worlds. “

He said that the plot is similar to what we live today, and that revolves around the power:”People will always compare what we live with what happens in television programs.”

He noted that “the series is also very involved in politics and I think we live in a political world, a world where politics is a game and that is what the show is about.”
Harington pointed out on the strong stories that the show has, that the U.S. television is changing, as different issues are handled and different methods of film production are used, so it strikes the viewer.

This production tells the epic and bloody struggle for power between families, and so the series contains strong scenes of violence and sex.

The actor considered that neither television nor the movies should have censorship: “Because that, I think, stops creativity.”

He stressed: “I think the scenes of violence and sex are necessary because they show the role of men and women who play within that society, some like it, others don’t, but I think they are necessary for the full context of story”.

Regarding the role played by women on the series, Harington said: “In some ways the show is somewhat feminist, because the people that are more powerful and the strongest characters are women, although some think that the power falls on men, but that’s false, I also believe that 60 percent of fans of the show are women. “

He explained that the success that has earned the series ‘Games of Thrones’, which premiered its second season on April 1, was unexpected for him, but it is something he enjoys, because his life has changed substantially.

“This is hardly new for me and especially in the U.S. and since people recognize me on the street, people come up to me very excited and say ‘well done’. Thanks to this I was able to travel and see different countries like Mexico, I feel very fortunate for that, ” the actor said.

Before participating in this project for HBO, Harington was enshrined in British theater, where he starred in ‘War horse’, on which Steven Spielberg would later make a movie.

“I’m a theater actor and I was not prepared for television, this was a big step for me, I want to do it all, and as far as the project goes and as long as people like it, I will continue to be here. Besides, it doesn’t matter if it’s tv or movies, as long as I’m loving what I’m doing” he added.

About fame that has brought his foray into small screen said: “I like my privacy, I am a very private person in that regard. Fame is something very new for me though is a different aspect of your work".

“I‘m ready for acting, but no one prepares you for the fame, I think I can still enjoy some aspects of it, such as attention, although the fame will always remain something very difficult,” he added.

According to television critics ‘Game of Thrones’, after receiving a Golden Globe and twoEmmy Awards, is positioned to be crowned as the series favorite place once occupied by ’Mad Men’.

“I personally am a big fan of the series ’Mad Men’, but I think they are very different shows, in fact some of my favorite series are also` Breaking bad ‘and `Games ofthrones’, but have very different plots and it is difficult to compare them. I would never do such a comparison with ’Mad Men’ “he said.

‘Game of Thrones “is based on the books of George R. R. Martin, like the film “Lord of the Rings” which follows the novels of J. R. R. Tolkien, so the actor said that the success of the two is that.

“If there are fans of the books, they will follow the TV series, plus the two projects are similar. I also believe that people like to get lost in these worlds of fantasy that the books have created” he said.

Finally, Kit Harington said ’Game of Thrones’ is a big part of his life and he did not expect it to be so successful: ”I think it’s a very strong story, epic, is a really wonderful world that has been shaped by the whole team, writers, scenery and is a great project, for me is my life “.

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