Rocket (rizor) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The O.C. season finale aftermath (spoilers and photos)

Who else thought the season finale of the O.C. was lacking some zest?

The episode started off a very positive one, they all graduated, Seth confessed that he lit his father's office on fire and the charges were dropped, Marissa was going to spend time with her Dad on his boat, Ryan got a car, Seth got accepted to RISD and will be going to Rhode Island with Summer, and Taylor has vowed to take over Harbor high. Then WTF! In the last 5 minutes when Ryan is driving Marissa to the airport, Marissa's crazy ex-boyfriend sideswipes Ryan's new car and he looses control and flies off the road.
The whole thing could have been done so much better if you ask me, but the song Hallelujah playing in the background was supurb (especially for all you Marissa haters I'm sure). Next season's premiere will focus on the aftermath of Marissa death which should be awesome because then we will see what the good actors amoungst the cast can cry about.
Here's a still from the ending scene:

Rest in peace, coop.
And now for the Graduation photos:


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