Captain America Chris Evans in Details Magazine


There's a long-ass article at the source that I was too lazy to cut and paste in case anyone is interested. Here are some excerpts:

"I love wet hair and sweatpants. I like sneakers and ponytails. I like girls who aren't so la-di-da. L.A. is so la-di-da. I like Boston girls who shit on me. Not literally. Girls who give me a hard time, bust my chops a little."

"The first time I had sex, I raced home and was like, 'Mom, I just had sex! Where's the clit?'"

"He has this obviously masculine presence—a dude's dude—and we're used to seeing him play heroic characters," Scarlett Johansson says, "but he's also surprisingly sensitive. He has close female friends, and you can talk to him about anything. Plus there's that secret song-and-dance, jazz-hands side of Chris. I feel like he grew up with the Partridge Family. He'd be just as happy doing Guys and Dolls as he would Captain America 2."

For those missing the full shirtlessness, here you go: