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sonic youth are in the june '06 issue of the wire. someone at the sy board scanned a few pictures and typed up a couple things from the article:

a lot of people have been saying that the new yet to be released record, rather ripped, is boring and it sucks. here's what thurston has to say:

"I wanted it to be like our Parallel Lines, when Blondie broke out with Parallel Lines", Thurston Moore is saying. "I remember when Parallel Lines came out we were all so pissed off. 'Why would they make a record with all this lightweight pop stuff on it?' Even though some of the songs are super good. That became their classic and it dictated what they became as a band, which was from my perspective really annoying. I remember thinking when it came out: 'Ewwww, Mike Chapman production.' This is our Parallel Lines. We're trying to make Parallel Lines right."

and re: jim o'rourke

"Though he has significantly scaled down his musical activities and sold almost all of his instruments, computers and recording equipment, Jim O'Rourke has not retired from music altogether, and future collaborations are planned. "There are only certain places he'll go to," says Gordon. "He's through with Europe and certain cities in the US - I don't think i could get him to play in Chicago. The last Sonic Youth gigs in Europe that he was doing with us, as we would finish each gig in each country he would be checking it off his list. 'I will never come to France again'," Moore laughs. "And Lee would be going, 'That's bullshit, you're so full of shit.' And he would be like, 'Nope, I am never coming here again.' He was liberating himself from the planet. It was kind of amazing."

source: sonicyouth.com board
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