Jenelle is Off the Reefer & Away From Keiffer But Now She's Doing The Acid & Dating Some Ass Kid.

Trouble continues for Teen Mom 2's resident wild child Jenelle Evans, whose new motto seems to be, “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” Tori Rhyne, a close pal of the Oak Island, North Carolina native, tells this week’s Star magazine exclusively that Evans has been dabbling in LSD use, "thinking it helps her, but it really doesn’t.“ She does it a lot -- she fell in love with it,” Rhyne tells Star. “It’s just a little sheet that she puts on her tongue and waits for it to hit her: Then she gets all weird.” Evans -- who also indulges in vices including Ecstasy tablets, Xanax, Adderall and alcohol -- is currently being drug tested for marijuana as a condition of her probation. Still, Rhyne says it’s just a matter of time before she lights up again. “After she gets off, she’s going to smoke a big blunt, that’s what she told me,” Tori says, adding the one thing Evans isn’t putting much thought toward is getting back custody of her baby son, of whom the court has temporarily awarded custody of to her mother Barbara. “She’s only worried about getting off probation, so she can smoke weed!” Rhyne claims. Jenelle’s lawyer Dustin Sullivan told Star, “The allegations against my client are absolutely false.”

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Heyah we go agin! I friggin had it dis time Juh-nelle! Errytime I turn around ya gittin intah trouble. I think ya finally gut ya life back on track an ya staht friggin runnin out droppin da acid wit ya boyfran. Meanswhiles I'm at home taking cah of ya son. An ya know I ain't gut no help cuz ya stepfatha run off wit dat Hootahs girl. Ya tryna give me a haht attack or sumpin? Put me en uh early grave? Den who will look afta Jace an pick ya up from da rehab wit delicious hambuhgas? I sweayah tah gawd Juh-nelle, ya neva gonna git custadee of ya son if ya keep actin this dis, runnin round like ya ain't gut a friggin cah in da whuld.