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Now, before we get to that heated exchange, let's get through a few tense words of our own. I know there's a ton of Tony Lucca fans who read these recaps. And I love his awesome cover of Daniel Johnston's "Devil Town" as much as anyone, especially when it was used so well on Friday Night Lights. But I just don't think his version of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" is anything special. When he drops the falsetto parts down to a lower key, he can sing everything more easily, but he destroys all the vulnerability in those high notes, when Gabriel's voice almost cracks. And what the heck is Lucca doing slapping those fans' hands so excitedly? We're supposed to hear his heart breaking! This song's dedicated to the guy who gave some lady his heart, and she left it at the Gas N Sip, remember?

Christina is obviously peeved. "Hi Tony," she says, sighing. "Obviously we go back." (Imagine Lil Xtina and Kiddie Tony fighting over Mickey Mouse ears. So cute!) "I thought that was a good performance, I just find it to be very one-dimensional." Then she continues: "Obviously, you have me and your old Mouseketeer buddies behind you, and Justin in particular, but I hope this is about the voice, rather than a celebrity sway."

You can say what you will about Christina, but even when she's not nice, she always tells it like it is. Even Adam has to respect that. "That was honest," he admits. "Honest is good."

Besides, celebrity endorsements feel kinda tacky on a show that's supposedly searching for raw talent alone. And that should make me want to DITCH HIM. But he's been better in previous weeks, so I'll give him another chance. Let's KEEP HIM TIL TOMORROW, and hope that Timberlake backs off.

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"I came to the voice because I wanted to be judged by my voice and not my looks," insists former model Erin Martin. But you know what might not be the best way to go about doing that? Selecting the Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptan," a song that requires more speaking than singing, and dressing up in a half-shirt while a dozen shirtless men carry you around to the coaches. "It's quirky, silly, sexy all at the same time!" insists Cee Lo. But he's wrong about the sexy part. Not even Erin understands how to make this song alluring.

Even Blake seems more turned on by the guys on stage than by her. "Here we go again with the male strippers!" he says. "I think that Blake just brought a one-way ticket to boner town," replies Adam. "And it's non-refundable, buddy," quips Blake. Guys! Please! Don't talk like that in front of the uper-say odel-may!

Only Cee Lo manages to tell Erin, "You look exceptionally beautiful." And in this world where the Voice is supposed to matter more than the Face, that's not exactly a compliment. She wants to be judged by her talent, not her looks? Well, then, be careful what you wish for. DITCH HER.

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Team Adam's Tony Lucca has become an early favorite for one big reason: He used to share the TV screen with coach Christina Aguilera — who's been looking better than ever with toned-down makeup and hair since the live shows began — on Disney's "The Mickey Mouse Club." Sensing what Aguilera ultimately called out — that he can be a "one-dimensional" performer, who has been helped along by his connection to her — Adam pushed Lucca to go more pop with Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," but Lucca's rocker growl struggled through the song's falsetto moments.

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Xtina's former Mouseketeer buddy Tony Lucca turned four chairs with his heartfelt blind audition performance, and with his obvious talent and can't-miss back story, he seemed poised to go far. Could that have only been a couple of months ago? Tonight, it seems impossibly far away. Adam looks put off during rehearsals when Tony sings Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." Then we see why: his actual performance is rather unremarkable, aside from the giant floating pupils in the background that make for way too literal (and creepy!) an interpretation. "I just find you very one-dimensional," Xtina tells Tony afterward, dismissing anything else he's done up to this point. "That was honest!" Adam says, before telling the dejected singer how proud he made him.

Erin's Walk Like An Egypian has yet to enter iTunes Top 1000 chart. I CANNOT.