This is a Nobody guess who post

Why its none other than Mike the Situation Sorrentino.

Here is the story.

My mom, sister, and I went to Verizon today to return some stuff. I was looking at phones when my mom called my name. I turned around and she pointed and there stood Mike. So I went all paparazzi and took pictures of him because I didn't want to be seen taking a picture with him at a phone store or well in general. He was with a friend I haven't seen before and was talking about how he needed a new iphone with a new number and to wipe his slate clean. He also wanted to get a new ipad. He drove away really fast in a black Lambo also.

When we asked the Verizon people if they knew who that was they said he is in there every week with a new problem with his phone except when he is away filming, then they won't see him for weeks at a time and he will send his brother in. My mom told them that they need to disinfect the counter. LOL

On the way out it was like he was begging me to recognize him. Him and his friend turned around and walked past us but before he left he stopped and stood in front of me for a second waiting for me to be like "ZOMG do you know who you are?!?!" But I wasn't having it. I mustered out a hi and he just smiled at me and walked away.

and that is my run-in with the situation. and the entire time I kept thinking OMG I have to tell ONTD! He was also much better looking in person than on tv, needed a hair cut badly, and was stone cold sober. he apparently has been crazy high the past few times he came in.

Source: Me, my phone camera, my friend with a bike.