Cosmo at Sam Worthington: "Please Lose Our Number"

In this month's edition of the renowned Cosmopolitan column, "Guy Watch: Stud Meter," assorted dudes are ranked on their ability to make Cosmo wet. See here:

Put aside the fact that Jon Snow ranked so high (sad men and the girls who love them), that Bomer got downgraded because it's just too unfair that he's always been gay, or that Dan Rad got even further demoted for daring to like pubic hair (eta: joke; they're grossed out by Harry Potter talking about sex even though we all know he snitched Ginny's snatch to high heavens).

Mario Lopez is 2nd to last because (i) he's Mario Lopez, (ii) he made a twitter for his dog in which he calls female dogs bitches, and (iii) he's Mario Lopez. Last place for the month is Sam Worthington. Why? You know why you're here, Sam. Please lose our number.

Damn. That's pressed and weirdly personal. Through serious investigative research (see: Google news), it has been ascertained that other than releasing a Titans sequel (which was only marginally less well received than its predecessor), he's been... exactly the same sort of pleasantly likable bland creature he's always been. Even more puzzling is that Cosmo just ranked him their Fun Fearless Male of 2012. So basically, this is mildly intriguing cause what did Sam Worthington do to Cosmo? Why you mad? ETC!

Source for the scan.