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Louis' mum on the Larry Stylinson Bromance


When we were having a luverly chat with our new BFF Johanna (Louis Tomlinson’s mum) we couldn’t resist asking her to give us some details on One Direction’s big romance: Larry Stylinson.

It seems that Johanna loves Harry Styles almost as much as her son does, which is quite an achievement.

"I really like Harry, I liked him from the first day I met him,” she told us.

“They definitely do have a really strong bond. It's not a fabricated thing, it's not contrived. It's not something that they thought they'd try and do and see if they could get any mileage out of it. They’re like brothers. They genuinely respect and love each other.”

And like all true lovers, Larry hate to be apart.

“At Christmas they had three days off from each other as a band, but Louis was on the phone to H seeing what he was doing. Before then he was even saying, 'Should we all go away at Christmas with H and Anne, as I might miss him?’ So they definitely do have a bromance - you heard it here!”

Please tell us we’re not the only ones that get a bit excited about finding out that they call Harry ‘H’. We wonder if it’s in tribute to the talents of H from Steps.

His first word / Other facts you do not know

As you know we had a chat with the infinitely wonderful Johanna Tomlinson recently to find out as much as we could about her boy, Louis Tomlinson.

She gave us more Luigi T goss than you could ping a stripey brace at, so here are a few facts that you may not know about the One Direction fitster.

Louis was born at 13.47 on Christmas Eve, weighed 7lb 3 oz and was 49 cm long. Awww.

As far as nicknames go it's not just Boo Bear that Johanna likes to call him.

"Obviously everybody knows about Boo Bear, but I've started calling him in all my texts 'Baby First Born', which is cute as when you've got a lot of children it sets him aside." And again,: Awwww,

Mummy T also revealed what Louis' first word was. This should put a smile on Harry Styles' face.

"Cat. My parents had a black cat and I remember him walking through the gate one day and he pointed and said cat. It was a very proud moment!"


'I'm not sure if there's anything sexy about the way I look'


Now, this may come as something of a surprise to you, but we fancy Louis Tomlinson.

Yeah, we know, we could have dropped a few hints to maybe make it a bit more obvious, but we feel this is a pressing time and that just being blatant about it is the right thing to do in a crisis like this.

Louis, we have feelings for you that are verging on inappropriate. We’d quite like a twang on your braces.

There. We said it. This ‘pressing time’ that we’re harping on about is triggered by Louis’ admission to We Love Pop magazine that he doesn’t think he’s sexy.

“I’d like to think I’m sexy, but I don’t really think I am,” he told them.

“I’m not sure there’s anything sexy about the way I look. Maybe if I’m talking to someone and trying to chat a girl up, then perhaps I can be a little bit sexy then."

“I’d like to think I’ve got good chat.”

Louis, we think you’ve got good everything.
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