Inside JWOWW & Snooki's photoshoot for new show

Inside Snooki And JWOWW's Spin-off Photo Shoot!

"Snooki takes a break to tweet about her slipper line and text Jionni how much she loves him."

We've been a little busy as of late over here in blah-blah-blahgland. With the premieres of "Savage U," "Pauly D Project," "Punk'd" and "16 and Pregnant," our pores are practically oozing content. (The clinical term is PTI--Professionally Transmitted Infection.) We barely have time to Instagram ourselves working so feverishly, let alone check our personal voice-mail (sorry, computer-automated messages from Express Scripts, the Depakote renewal will have to wait). Especially since we've already started keeping tabs on the next season of "Jersey Shore," as well as its second spin-off, the as-yet-to-be-titled Snooki and JWOWWshow.

When we're not musing about a certain baby meatball and its prospects of growing a pouf for the baptism, we're producing online after shows, hanging out at photo shoots and, well, eating cupcakes. Oh, the cruelty of our job. And speaking of photo shoots...just last week we stopped by Nicole and Jenni's Jersey City digs to document all the behind-the-scenes action of their official MTV photo op. (And, of course, to scarf down free food--we .com kids are known around these parts for pocketing all the leftover Craft Services at the end of a long, hard day.)

Anywho, so what were we saying (attention span=zilch)? Oh, right, right. We were at this photo shoot, and we couldn't resist taking some pics of all the goings-on. Because we're always thinking of you, the fans, first.

Kidding! Cupcakes first, fans second.

Snooki's portable home bronzing system

One of the first bedroom shots of the day. And just you wait, there's much more animal print where this came from. Hint: The duck phone has switched species.

Snooki's engagement ring

What's a guidette apartment without an Addams Family-style self-portrait hanging on the wall? [wtf]