U + Me = 2Ge+her Reunion ("teaser")


All of the guys have posted either on FB or Twitter about this - they are FINALLY getting "2gether" and doing a Q&A/small show in Hollywood on May 4th. Alex says they are planning to answer questions and do like 2-3 songs that night.

The appearance will be at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and they've said that it will be streamed online, I'm not sure if that just means audio or also video, but.. we'll see!

If you are in LA, please go out and support our boys! :)

Full disclosure: Evan is not able to attend this event, it is just a "teaser" or promo for the real thing, there is more to come!

The phone number for the comedy club is (818) 824-6545
Website is http://thejonlovitzcomedyclub.com/index.cfm

They've said they won't have info for about a week, fyi. So tickets aren't available quite yet.

Source: Alex Solowitz's FB [among others]