That PR couple actually talking about work for once!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone talked to SFX Magazine about their upcoming movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, compared Spidey to internet trolls and wished Gwen Stacy a juicy death.


You're a lifelong fan of Spider-Man. What was it that resonated with a boy in Surrey?
The same thing that resonates with any boy in the world. One of the amazing things about this particular superhero is that you can't see any skin colour when he's in the suit, and he's the only superhero to my knowledge that has that quality. I think that's a huge explanation of why he is arguably the most popular superhero around the world. He breaks down any kind of cultural boundary because any boy can feel like they can be him.

To throw the cliché at you, with great power comes great responsibility - does that apply to actually playing Spider-Man too?
Yeah, I think so. It's heavy stuff. At the bottom of everything I'm a fan, so I'm able to understand that perspective. No matter who was cast, whether it was me or anyone else, I would have been pissed off, as a fan, because no one is ever going to match up to what Spider-Man is in my head, and what he is in my heart.

Did you match the Spider-Man that's in your head?
Oh no - absolutely not! I think that's the point - it's not possible. You can't live up to any superhero. Peter Parker can't live up to Spider-Man. If I ever felt like i'd lived up to it then I'd be a moron, because it's just not possible.

How did you feel the first time you walked on set in the full costume?
Very self-conscious, because you're practically naked. You're just all out there! And that's a really dangerous, brave, scary place to be. But after that first flush you feel the power of it, the power of not being seen, the power of the mask. Peter [Parker] becomes witty when he's got that protective layer. It's like he's on a message board. He's got the anonymity of the internet within that suit and he can say whatever the hell he likes and he can get away with anything. He can fuck with people and there's no consequences because nobody knows who the hell he is. We all know how powerful and potentially dangerous that anonymity is.


Did you consciously distance yourself from Toby's [sic] performance?
No, I was a fan. Toby was perfect and will always be, in my head, Spider-Man. I actually saw that first movie before it came out. I got a pirate copy of it on Portobello Road market because I was so excited to see it. I was blown away by it, and I watched it with my friend Terry. We were quoting it to each other. I was pretending to be Toby and Terry said that I would never ever be able to be Spider-Man...


What did you want to bring to Gwen?
For the most part, selfishly, I just wanted to fall in love again for the first time. I wanted that all-consuming, ridiculous, I've-never-had-my-heart-broken-before kind of love again that we've all experienced when we were young...

As a character she's more famous for the way she dies. Do you feel any sense of impending doom about her?
I think so. I have a kind of hyper-awareness of mortality. I always have, since I was a kid, and I think Gwen therefore has a tiny hint of that.

She knows what's coming?
She doesn't know what's coming but she has a sense of it - just in the fact that her father goes out every day, and he straps the badge on and she doesn't know if he's going to make it home. As a child she always had this feeling that her father could die any day, so she had this constant reminder of death. And then her boyfriend is running out to almost die every day. She's completely surrounded by death her entire life.

So is there part of you that's looking forward to a really juicy death scene to play?
In some sadistic way! We'll see. The story of Gwen is pretty amazing. It wouldn't be Gwen without the full thing... the full Monty!

How did you feel the first time you saw Andrew in the Spider-Man costume?
I touched him! I was inappropriate! I literally felt him. Because being in the room with Spider-Man is insane for anybody, especially with that beautiful costume. It was palpable on set that everyone was in the room with the actual Spider-Man. It felt like a mirage.

So did you carry on stroking him throughout the shoot?
No, he told me to stop. Instantly.