10 Actresses They Could Have Casted as Snow White

(From House of Geekery) Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman are two Snow White movies being released this year and both are causing quite a stir. Not least of which is the fan’s reactions to their castings of Snow White. Lilly Collins will be playing the princess in the more family-friendly version, Mirror, Mirror and other than having odd eyebrows, she hasn’t left any sort of impression on me yet. Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, has caused a bit of controversy being casted in the titular role in Snow White and The Huntsmen. She has a huge following from her Twilight series but she has an equal amount of disapprovers. Many people are disappointed in her casting because she’s “not pretty enough” and “not a good actress”, both sentiments I tend to agree with. In a completely useless retrospect, I decided to think about whom else could have been casted as the famous Snow White.

1. Felicity Jones- Jones is essentially a prettier, more talented version of Kristen Stewart. She won our hearts in Like Crazy and has been gaining steam ever since. She’s just known enough to bring attention to the role but not so overexposed so that it would have brought the movie down.

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