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One Direction's Harry Styles shies away from admiring Michelle Obama while Liam rates her off scale

'I've got too much respect for Barack'

They’ve taken off in a big way on both sides of the Atlantic since being thrust into the limelight on the X Factor 2010.

But at this evening’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, One Direction were able to truly see just how popular they are worldwide at they took to the star-studded event in Los Angeles.
Despite stars such as Justin Bieber and Katy Perry being in attendance Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were lucky enough to lap up the attention as they were picked as one of the acts to entertain the audience with their catchy music.

Belting out their hit single You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful, it was clear to see the British boy band are dearly loved by young ladies in the States as they eagerly reached out to touch the teenage heartthrobs.

However, when it came to chatting about the ladies, they were too shy to comment on one of the best dressed women of the night, Michelle Obama, who was spotted bopping away to their track during the show.

Styles – who has dated 32-year-old Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack said he had ‘too much respect for Barack’ to comment on the First Ladies’ stunning appearance, while Payne happily rated her an 11 out of 10. He said: ‘She’s a very classy woman, very elegant.’

The boys received prime spots at the exciting ceremony which was celebrating its 25th year, and the singers told the Mail Online they were really honoured to be sitting in the front row amongst stars such as Halle Berry and Hiedi Klum.

But it seemed as if stars who have been in the industry much longer than One Direction were more thrilled to be in their presence.

Kelly Osbourne
admitted she was proud that her countrymen were blowing up in America.
'They are so amazing and they are so lovely and it makes me so happy – it’s like the Brits taking over I love it.'

Meanwhile X Factor reject Rachel Crow confessed she can’t get enough of her English crushes.

She revealed: ‘I love them, they are amazing and their songs are amazing and they are the nicest of guys. I love them all my favourite changes daily.'

Australian pop singer Cody Simpson may have been claiming American girls’ hearts longer than the performers who achieve success overnight, but he says he is not worried about the lads overshadowing him.

He said: 'I don’t feel threatened by them. I think there is a place for all of us.’ And the youngsters aren’t letting the complimentary talk go to their heads. They claim that due to their background and agreement to keep each other in place, there’s no chance of developing a huge ego.

'We are lucky that we have each other and keep each other grounded, we've got good family.’
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