Korea bans under-18s from Gaga's Homosexxxual Porn Concert

South Koreans aged under 18 have been banned from attending an upcoming concert by Lady Gaga after it was rated unsuitable.

The decision came after a series of complaints filed by conservative NGOs and Christian groups, who demanded Hyundai Card cancel the show on grounds that Lady Gaga promotes “inappropriate behavior” for youngsters, including homosexuality, explicit sexuality and mocking of religious figures.

"Our Christian community needs concerted action to stop young people from being infected with homosexuality and pornography."

the Korean Association of Church Communication said in a statement.

A KMRB official said the decision was largely due to Lady Gaga’s song titled “Just Dance,” which received a rating of R from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in November of last year. The Gender Ministry rated the piece as “inappropriate for teenagers” for its lyrics about clubbing and drinking.

Source S2