India Farrah Quits Drag - Blames RuPaul's Drag Race

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"This is probably one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life is write this letter but it has to be done. The time has come and when its done, Its done. I have chosen to hang up my pumps and Say Goodbye. This is a decision that was very hard for me to make but very easy at the same time.

I always heard growing up in the "Drag" World: "When do you quit drag..Or when do you know your time is up" and the answer always was: When It stops being fun. Well the fun has stopped for me. Its sad but true. I have tried to reach down, Deep down so far to try to find a place to make it fun for me again and I honestly cannot find it in my heart or soul to continue doing something that I once loved so much. I know some of you are thinking "Its just a phase" or "Oh you will do drag again"...well at this time I cannot continue to do this any longer.

There are so many people who have taken the Fun out of it for me and I see so many people getting praised and worshipped for doing absolutely nothing or knowing absolutely nothing about what Drag is or Once Was!

I remember growing up around "Old School Drag"/ Back then there were no newcomer pageants. You had to compete with the Big Girl names..the queens who had won previous titles and were a force to be reckoned with. There was no Newcomer pageants where you could compete in and continue competing in for 4 years (In my opinion if you do drag longer than a year, YOUR NOT A NEWCOMER! and Just because you don't hold a state title doesn't mean your a NEWCOMER!) also Back then If you walked into a bar dressed in jeans, a girls tshirt and a wig you were assumed to be a Crossdresser. Now a days this is what drag is. This is what these new queens believe what drag is all about just dressing as a woman and doing a Britney Song or Kesha Song or Katy Perry.

in 2010 I was chosen to be a part of the Season 3 cast of Rupaul's Drag Race which was becoming bigger and bigger each year and I seriously cried my eyes out when I answered my phone and was told that I was cast. Long story short: I am Thankful for what Drag Race Has done for me and my career. But I am also regretful because I am not one of those queens that has nothing else but drag race.

I made a name for myself and worked my ASS off for YEARS making my name known way before Drag Race was even born. Growing up around Pageant Systems and being a Pageant queen,I went into Drag Race thinking this was a Pageant..Or at least a REAL Competition. But boy oh boy I was wrong and sadly mistaken. this actually has nothing to do with Drag.

The creators,Producers,Writers have no clue what Drag or The Artform is actually about. This show gives not only the Drag community but the Gay community such a bad name to people in the straight community that may watch it or flip through channels and all they see is a bunch of drag queens fighting..starting drama..screaming...crying...BULLYING each other and just being complete fake bitches! So how does that look on our community? But yet so many of you are so obsessed with it!...Some of you may agree some of you may disagree but I've been there, I know what goes on and Its shady business and I refuse to be a part of it any longer.

I have never been one to kiss ass and that was my biggest problem is that I didn't play the part..I didn't fit in or do drugs while filming, I wouldn't get in little cliques and try to plot out a plan to sabatoge others. Oh and I got a little note saying that i'm just bitter because I didnt win..But I would like to state that I had and MADE a name for myself WAY before Drag race and I have continued to have that name AFTER! And it hurts me that I feel like I am cursed by being attached to any of it. I don't need to win a FAKE tv show that has nothing to do with drag other then showing the world how bitchy, how fake and how much of complete drama queens everyone can I REPEAT: There is more to life then just Drag and a Reality TV Show.

This show has brought drag down to such a level that queens who walk around in real girl mall clothes on stage gets paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to travel around the country and to "Perform" and to the point where everyone wants to be like them. I have never seen anything like this in my life where some of these queens are so obsessed with the fame and they think their shit doesnt stink and to the point where they are transitioning into women and can't even be honest with their fans about it.

GET IT TOGETHER LADIES! Grow UP! Drag is NOTHING like it was 10 years ago. Even 5 years ago. But this is life, drag just like the world is changing every day and going downhill Faster and Faster. I would like to state that Drag race has had some AMAZING Talent on there that I had looked up to just to name a few Nina Flowers, Shannel, Bebe Zehara Benet and Raven.

I am so very thankful I did get to meet a few really wonderful people from there and thats that. Now I want to remind you all in drag community that there is more to this community than being on a TV Show. There is more to it then playing some stuck up drama queen just to get ratings or a high paid booking fee! It truly dissapoints me that a lot of you can't see through the smoking glass at what this show really is...and that don't understand what Drag is about and just want to get a bigger booking fee. Nothing lasts forever. Learn it. Live it. Love it. Get over it.

Xoxo- Shane Richardson ( India Ferrah )

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